Officers and Committee Members

The Council Structure. The Council will be composed of twelve members elected from the membership. See specific Council roles and Committees below. The Council has four specific roles: Chair, Chair Elect, Treasurer, and Registrar. The Council is made up of five committees: Conference, Outreach, Fellowship, Nominations, and Publications.

Council Officers

Council Chair

Jim Jupp

Council Chair-Elect

Nathalia Jaramillo

Council Treasurer

Karin Lewis

Conference Registrar

Brandon Bush

The Conference Committee

Program Committee

Nathalia Jaramillo (Program Committee Chair)

Jim Jupp

Pauli Badenhorst

Site Committee

Jim Jupp (Site Committee Chair)

Nathalia Jaramillo

Karin Lewis

The Outreach Committee

Membership Committee

Brandon Bush (Membership Committee Chair)

Luis Alcocer

Karla O’Donald

Communications Committee

Vonzell Agosto (Communications Committee Chair)

Michelle Angelo Dantas Rocha

The Fellowship Committee

Awards Committee

Karin Lewis (Awards Committee Chair)

Erik Malewski

Melinda Cowart

Mentoring Committee

Cole Reilly, Co-chair

Jake Burdick, Co-chair

Nominations Committee

Karla O’Donald, C0-chair

Brandon Bush, Co-Chair

Publications Committee

Freyca Calderon, Co-chair

Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto, Co-chair

Cole Reilly

Shalin Lena Raye

Journal JCP Editors (Ex-officio members)

Erin Miller

Sam Tanner

Book Editors

Megan Ruby, Michelle Angelo Dantas Rocha, Mark Hickey, and Vonzell Agosto

Council Ad-hoc Committees

Mission & Vision Committee

Jake Burdick, chair

Freyca Calderon-Berumen

Cole Reilly

Erik Malewski

Fundraising Committee

Erik Malewski

Jake Burdick

*Designates members of a committee who are not currently on the Governance Council. Any member is welcome to assist on a standing or ad-hoc committee in addition to the council members.